Expert in rubber rollers
Sustainable and Proactive Operation
We are committed to professional manufacture and R&D of rubber rollers, providing custom service with materials and specs of rollers that both meet customers’ requirements. We also provide services of rubber roller grinding, reconditioning and grooving.
About Young Jean
Professional manufacture and R&D of rubber rollers
As we envision firmly and carry on the experiences that were left to us, we are sure to be better than before. We shall be at your service most sincerely.
◎  In quest of better perfect quality, we manufacture our products in the same rigorous spirit as used by our predecessors and by improving every production equipment and process. We are also dedicated to developing new materials, and resolving the defects in existed products with new formula.
◎  As the prices of rubber products reflect the quality, and as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, any raw material used in low-price products are untrustworthy.
+ Company profile
•  Premises footprint: 3,300 sq. m.
•  Situated in “Fong Zhou Technology Park”, Shengang District, Taichung City.
+ Scale / employees
•  30 persons
Our advantage
★ Omni-item custom specifications
★ Specific evaluation of productivity & performance
★ Building an organization that works together and consolidates
★ A dedicated quality inspection department
★ Does well the guarding of shipments
★ Good and novel machinery
★ Enables diversified processes
★ The ERP system employed to accurately control the progress of production
★ Sustainable operation & keep perfecting
★ Qualified and licensed personnel for safety and health education
★ Definite guidelines for safe working

Acquired more lathes, escalating productivity; embarked on development of sealing technique with liquid rubber.
Was awarded local SBIR subsidy to develop “new printing materials” in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute.
• Introduced ERP system (Enterprise resource planning) and computerized scheduling of production & manufacturing.
• Was awarded CITD subsidy to develop “green roller materials” in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute.
Built new plant in “Fong Zhou Technology Park”, Shengang District, Taichung City, with lab development system founded.
Acquired the 1
automatic rubber winding machine from US.
Expanded new plant; developed sealing technique with solid silicone gel.
Founded in Fongyuan District, Taichung City and originally named as “Da Young Jean Iron Factory” to engage in fabricating metal workpieces and rubber sealing.
Organizational structure
Management System